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10 May 2009 @ 06:03 pm
Since You Came Along [Alice's POV]  
This is Part One of a fanmix about Jasper & Alice's relationship as I imagine it to be.

This one is from Alice's Point of View, where the love between Alice and Jasper is pure and changes Jasper more so than Alice. I see Alice as naturally upbeat and even more so since she was put in an asylum. If she was locked up, once out she would have undoubtedly thought that whatever happened to her later on, nothing could be as bad as what she remembers of her time there. Asylums in the 1920s were more traumatising than they were helpful (to the patients)... So these songs are more upbeat than those on Jasper's POV (to come) or Rosalie's POV of Emmett & Rosalie, but also quite touching.

[1 fanmix -10 songs]


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1. I Won't Disagree / Kate Voegele :

"Lately you make me weaker in the knees
And race through my veins baby every time you're close to me
Take me away to places I ain't seen
They say you've got a hold on me:
And I won't disagree"

2. Beautiful Thing / The Pierces : I don't think this song could be anymore perfect.

"And it's a beautiful thing
You make me shy and
You make me proud
It's a beautiful thing
You make me laugh out loud
And when you pull me to you I unravel"

3. My Idea Of Heaven / Leigh Nash :

"I never thought you'd get here, why'd you make me wait?

And when I looked into your eyes, I recognised you were

My fate 

I've been living in a lonely shell, with no windows, to the world"

4. Finally Woken / Jem : As she does not remember anything before her time in the asylum, Alice must surely feel as if her love for Jasper has awoken her from a deep sleep.

"You see I've finally woken
From a long sleep
I'm ready to jump
To make that blind leap
Coz I now believe
I have the power in me
I've got the faith baby
I can truly be free

Finally Woken
Finally Woken"

5. We Will Not Grow Old / Lenka : This song works literally and metaphorically.

"You and me will be lying side by side
Forever, forever
Underneath this adolescent sky
Together, together
And you will hold my heart inside your hand
And you'll be the one to tell me

Oh we've got a long, long way to go
To get there
We'll get there
But oh, if there's one thing that we know
It's that we will not grow old"

6. Thinking About You / Ivy : Whenever Jasper might go into a 'dark place' and lose himself. Anyone with his kind of past and his conscience must have those moments of regrets or dark moments. Surely.

"Deep in another dream
Thinking about you
Feels like the final scene
Thinking about you
Save it for a little while
Thinking about you
Time for another smile
I’ve been thinking about you

But I never look back (Never look back)
Never look over my shoulder
And I never react (Never react)
Can’t go where I’ve gone before
No, I never look back (Never look back)
Now I’ve grown so much colder
And you're fading to black (Fading to black)
Like it’s nothing at all
It’s nothing at all"

7. You and I / Ingrid Michaelson :

"Oh lets get rich and buy our parents homes in the south of France

Lets get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance

Lets get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants

From way up there, you and I, you and I

Well you might be a bit confused

And you might be a little bit bruised

But baby how we spoon like no one else

So I will help you read those books

If you will soothe my worried looks

And we will put the lonesome on the shelf


8. Magic / Colbie Caillat :

"You've got magic inside your finger tips
Its leaking out all over my skin
Everytime that I get close to you
Your making me weak with the way you
Look through those eyes

But all I see is your face
All I need is your touch
Wake me up with your lips
Come at me from up above"

9. From Where I Am Standing / Schuyler Fisk : When Bella comes along and Jasper is not sure he can control himself, and more specifically hates himself for it. Alice reassures him.

"From where I'm standing
You're the quiet side of the road
You're looking so lonely
And I can't stop looking at you
Your head is hanging
Trying to beat those goodbye blues
I bet you'll be fine
I bet you'll be fine

I guess it's not the way
You always planned it
Looks like you're heading for a
Crash landing
That's just the way it looks
From where I'm standing
From where I'm standing"

10. I Want To Hold Your Hand / T.V. Carpio :

"Yeah I tell you something
I think you'll understand
When i say that something
I wanna hold your hand"

.ZIP or .ZIP

Credit: stock by stock exchange and masterjinn at deviantart.com
etamneetamne on May 11th, 2009 12:09 am (UTC)
Okay, I got it off of Megaupload. It's so weird - Mediafire is usually so good??

But really? This is amazing. This version of "I Won't Disagree" awesome. I've only got the regular album version but this is ... guh!!!

And you are so right about "Beautiful Thing." It's absolutely perfect. It just a gorgeous song.

Leigh Nash and Ingrid Michaelson are two of my absolute favorites. And it's double awesome because both of their voices just make my mind pop: ALICE! Their voices are just sweet and sparkly and fun and quirky and Alice. (Side note: I'm fanatical about Ingrid Michaelson's version of "Can't Help Falling in Love With You." Ridiculously in love with that song. And also, "Morning Lullabies." And also, "The Hat." And also, "Far Away." And also, every other song she's ever done...)

"We Will Not Grow Old" is fun because it applies on multiple levels. Hee hee!! Plus, it's my favorite song off of that whole album (and I love a lot of that album)...

I adore "Thinking About You" so much! Ivy is awesome. I haven't listened to them in awhile but this came up and just brought back their innate awesomeness...

"Magic" and "From Where I'm Standing" are PERFECT. And that version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" is amazing. That and "I've Just Seen a Face" are my favorite from Across the Universe.

Basically, I'm just rambling. I'm really excited because I've been waiting for your next mix. I've just been listening to them non-stop. Other music, outside of your mixes? Does that even exist anymore? Nope. But really? I had quite high expectations for this mix. Alice and Jasper are my favorite characters. I've been thinking about how this mix would play out. I'm pretty sure that you surpassed my wildest expectations. Thank you for being so awesome!!! You dazzle me, baby! Can't wait for the next one!!!
earthfayeearthfaye on May 11th, 2009 12:23 am (UTC)
Yea, I don't get the Mediafire thing either. Its like: WHYY??? WHY ME AND NOW???

OMG. Ingrid Michaelson rocks my WORLD. OK. I'm going to check out the songs you listed... because for some reason I DONT HAVE THEM. Amazing, I know. I SHOULD. But I don't. I DON'T KNOW WHY.

Well, here's an easter egg for ya: Lenka will pop up in future fanmixes. ;) Her album floors me. So does Schuyler Fisk...

I'm so so so so glad you like it, girl! I knew people were anxious for J&A which is why I'm taking so long to come out with them... I want them to be perfect. I'm also having trouble with the cover for Jasper's POV. And their Sexy Time mix is bothering me. But don't worry, I WILL release them. :D
etamneetamne on May 11th, 2009 01:16 am (UTC)
Also "Breakable," "Masochist," and "Die Alone" from Girls and Boys. The whole album is fantastic. Slow the Rain is a little quirkier. "Charlie" and "Let Go" are my absolute favs from that album.

I suppose you already like "Die Alone" now that I think about it. Considering it's on the Rosalie mix and all... duh.

Lenka: I love "Trouble is a Friend." It's upbeat but kind of creepy, in a way. I love it. And also "Bring Me Down."

And now a quiz, just cause I want to know what else you like: Do you like Joshua Radin? I love his "Sky" with Ingrid Michaelson. (LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!) And "Paperweight" with Schuyler Fisk. And "I'd Rather Be With You" ...by himself.

Also Augustana? Thoughts? Their first album had some good songs on it but their second was amazing. "Sweet and Low" is ... fantastic. And I love "Hey Now" as well.

Have you heard Slow Runner's version of "I've Just Seen a Face?" Anything from their albums is great, if a little haunting.

And Kings of Leon. *sigh* There's some awesome stuff. And Snow Patrol. And I'm liking what I've heard of Carolina Liar.

I'm gonna stop for now because I could go on and on and on...if I haven't already...
earthfayeearthfaye on May 11th, 2009 01:40 am (UTC)
Both 'Breakable' and 'Trouble is a Friend' remind me of Rosalie. Hint, hint. I still haven't yet heard Slow the Rain :( Ingrid Michaelson's 'Keep Breathing' is also one of my favs. I find that Joshua Radin & Ingrid Michaelson are better for a lighter mood. And Joshua Radin is sort of a new discovery for me, but I absolutely LOVE 'I'd Rather Be With You' :D

Augustana is beautiful. I'm debating whether to put Sweet & Low on J&A's Sexy Time. The problem with the both of them for me is that I can see them having hot hot sex AND tender moments. Which makes things near impossible.

I haven't heard Slow Runner's version :/ And I like Kings of Leon but try and stay away from them because they are overplayed. I'll only add them to a fanmix if I find the context sort of renews it. Like with Carlisle & Esme. I use to be a fan of Snow Patrol. But then they hit big and I got bored/annoyed/tired of them. I wish I hadn't, but it was like Coldplay and Maroon 5 for me. Cool music, but way overplayed.

ACTUALLY: you can now ask me more questions. XD
etamneetamne on May 11th, 2009 02:17 am (UTC)
I could see Sweet & Low on their Sexy Time. I agree that they would have all different sexy moods. I could even see her bringing in the silly/fun/light-hearted/teasing sex. They are so diverse.

I totally got that way over Coldplay. It gets old. I definitely got that way once "From Under the Cork Tree" hit for Fall Out Boy. I just finally stopped listening to the radio. I listen to what I listen to - it works out much better for my brain. Hee hee!!

And Leona Naess's self titled album is fantastic. "Don't Use My Broken Heart" and "Calling" and "Home" and "He's Gone." The whole album, really. On I Tried to Rock You But You Only Roll has some good ones too. "Mayor of Your Town" and "Mexico" and "Weak Strong Heart." OHHH!!! And "Charm Attack" off of her Comatised album is THE BEST!! So fun!!

And Missy Higgins? "Ten Days" and all of On a Clear Night like "Peachy" and "100 Round the Bends" and "Secret" and "Sugarcane" and "Going North."

Everything by Tegan and Sara. Everything by The Bird and the Bee - especially "Fucking Boyfriend."

And Vampire Weekend. So amazing in concert, too. And most everything by Rainer Maria is awesome. Especially Look Now Look Again and Catastrophe Keeps Us Together. Definitely their two strongest albums.

Am I boring/annoying you yet?
earthfayeearthfaye on May 13th, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC)
I might actually just include Sweet and Low in a surprise J&A mix because it just doesn't fit with the rest of my sexy time for them. THEY ARE SO DIVERSE ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY. Complicated characters makes a perfectionist's (like me) head spin.

I miss the days when I actually enjoyed Coldplay. AND FOB. They were my all-time favorite and I have ALL their albums still, inc Folie A Deux, just because. I also miss old-time Panic! At The Disco and emo music. Ahhh!!!

Hmmm... the thing with Leona Ness for me is that she just doesnt feel original enough for her to trump her sellability factor for me. She's just too... manifactured. Even if she has a nice voice. It's like the later Christina Aguilera and Beyonce albums. I know I should like her.... but I don't.

Missy Higgins is somewhere on my extensive list of favs with "Peachy", "Where I stood" and "Warm Whispers". Those are definitely in future fanmixes. I'm a ridiculously big fan of Tegan and Sara's 'The Con'. I'm partial to The Bird and The Bee... my favs are "I'm A Broken Heart" and "Again & Again".

I've never really gotten into Vampire Weekend or Rainer Maria. I must admit though I haven't even heard of Ranier Maria....I'd love to though :) I'll definitely check her out now.

And now you aren't annoying me at all, I just had Government and Politics Coursework to hand in today so things have been busy. Sorry for the delayed response.

Wish me a Happy Birthday? :)
etamneetamne on May 14th, 2009 02:07 am (UTC)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope it was a great one!!

A surprise J&A mix? Why do you tease me so?? I'm so excited now!

I still have to buy FOB. Less Than Jake as well. And PANIC????? LOVE. What happened?? And Ok Go's first album - love that one.

Tegan and Sara - "The Con" is amazing!! I didn't think it could get better than "So Jealous" (which I'm still addicted) but they make such great music.

Again. Happy freaking birthday!!!!
earthfayeearthfaye on May 14th, 2009 10:31 pm (UTC)
That's why I put "So Jealous" on Rosalie's POV! It's just that they are so original... and most people don't actually know them, which is such a plus. I get bored of mainstream music... and yet I also love Number 1 hits, but that don't sound like Number 1s. For example, I can't stand Duffy, but I love Tinchy Stryder (although I was a fan of his before he became big). XD