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17 May 2009 @ 07:28 pm
Since You Came Along [Jasper's POV]  
This is Part Two of a fanmix about Jasper & Alice's relationship as I imagine it to be.

To Jasper, Alice is someone who has changed him for the better. Someone who he'll follow wherever she decides to go. Someone he'll do anything for, even if it meant giving her up so she would be happy. Someone who keeps him on the straight and narrow. She is his world, all that is good. However, he has also found that he has to keep up with her, as she is always two steps ahead of everyone else. But that doesn't bother him, so... :)

[1 fanmix -10 songs]



1. Since You Came Along / Dierks Bentley :

"Like the cracks in the asphalt
I wear my scars on my sleeve

Since you came along
You filled in all the spaces
Erased all of the traces
Of the broken man I used to be

Everything is right
And all the lonely days and nights are gone
Ever since you came along"

2. Where You Are / Rascal Flatts :

"There you are
Standin' strong
I'm a leaf
Holdin' on
You believe like a child
in this fire running wild
Oh I love
How you see
Right to the heart of me

You're a waterfall
Washin' over me
I'm a thirsty man
Let me drink you in
For I am on my way
You're a mountain top
When I reach for you
You love lifts me up
All I want is to be
Where you are"

3. You Hold Me Together / Dierks Bentley :

"By now I should've been scattered
In the wind of my lonesome travels
Like a thousand dandelion seeds
And I should've come unraveled
At the seams like a well-worn sweater
But you hold me together"

4. I Feel You / 3 Doors Down : He 'feels' Alice's emotions, and he also 'feels' alice in the figurative sense.

"Those little things you say
When words mean so much
You never back down
And they all shy away
You always listen to me

And what do I get to get me through these sleepless nights
And what do I have to hold when no one’s there to hold me tight
And what do I see the only thing that gets me through this is what I feel and I feel you"

5. I Walk The Line / Joaquin Pheonix : He stops himself from feeding off humans, mainly for Alice. He does do it for his conscious, but if it weren't for Alice, wouldn't he give up eventually and give in to his instincts?

"As sure as night is dark and day is light
I keep you on my mind both day and night
And happiness I've known proves that it's right
Because you're mine, I walk the line"

6. Drag / Placebo : Jasper drags behind Alice, but he doesn't mind really :)

"You’re always ahead of the game
I drag behind
You never get caught in the rain
When I’m drenched to the bone every time
You’re the first one to swim across the Seine
I lag behind
You’re always ahead of the game
While I drag behind"

7. Tired Of You / The Exies : After Jasper very nearly attacks Bella in New Moon.

"Where did I go wrong
Can't look you in the eye
Feeling so ashamed
Feels like I could die

Hold me up and don't let go
I've had enough
I'm tired of breathing
Tired of feeling
Tired of looking at the past for meaning
Tired of running
Tired of searching
Tired of trying
But I'm not tired of you"

8. A Little More You / Little Big Town :

"I'm here fallin' for you
My hearts callin' for you
I know I never can get enough
Don't hold back one bit of your love
Strong and steady for you
I'm all ready
Come on, baby, give me a little more you
Come on, baby, give me a little more you "

9. Everywhere She Goes / Across The Sky : What, you think Alice always makes things that easy? You don't think that she also has a bit of a playful side? Nothing cruel of course, but come on! :P

"Last night I saw her out

In the city crowd

Laughing in the breeze

She smiled at me

Just like a movie scene

It was her and me

Waltzing in our heads

All by ourselves

And as she passed me by

I could see it in her eyes"

10. Bring It On Home / Little Big Town :

"You've got someone here
Wants to make it all right
Someone that loves you more
Than life right here
You've got willing arms that'll hold you tight
A hand to lead you on through the night right here
I know your heart can get
All tangled up inside
But don't you keep it to yourself"


Credit: stock by stock exchange and masterjinn at deviantart.com
earthfayeearthfaye on May 20th, 2009 02:45 pm (UTC)
thank you! :D